TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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ROUND TOP MOUNTAIN 3/16/13 (Pics by B. Hemmer, A. Moore & Joann Stocks)

Round Top Trailhead

We begin uphill...of course!

Gathering at the first bench


A few plane parts still remain

First sign of Spring on the mountain

Heidi doing what Heidi does!

Continuing on around the bench

Someone left us a vortex?

A gathering of the minds

Our leader

The signs are just about faded out!

Now up on top ....

....and out to the point

Enjoying the views

Rick and Pam getting their picture on top

A nice view of the fairgrounds

Barbara and Kathy

Brittany, Robert and Peggy

Angela and Brittany

Someone is getting a lot of attention today!

On top.....

Heading back down the mountain

Dale and Brittany seeing who had the
tallest stick.....

A nice place to stop on our way home....

The Cliff House opened on Friday, March 15th