TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Pedestal Rock in the snow
(We would split up into two groups)

A little snow but not bad

Group #2 would soon be leaving the trail

Chris and Michael
Waterfall in the east drainage

We would be sliding alot today.....but you should
have seen Gloria do a tumble off a ledge later.

Approaching the top of Pedestal Rock Falls

Pedestal Rock Falls

Pool Falls

We crossed this branch many many times!

Entering old homesite area

Right Hand Prong North Fork Illinois Bayou

First waterfall up the west drainage

Triple Falls

Underneath the Famous Pedestal

Rocks and cave next to the Famous Pedestal

Rock Shelter

Peep Hole inside shelter

The Famous Pedestal


Some of the "things" downunder

We finally meet up with Group #1

This is what they had waiting for us.....
it was wonderful! It was 27° when we started.

It was time for lunch...,downunder!

Kip was pooped and we still had a ways to go!

All of us back together once again.

Time to head out and up!

Exploring downunder!

Some of the bluffs from below

Still had ice downunder!

Last big pedestal

More of our scenery downunder

We made it back on top and on the trail.

A knotty tree and a knotty.....Dale!

We are here and ready to get there.....home!

Group #1 Pictures by T. Conant
Dale, Kathy and Orvalene

Kings Bluff Falls

Orvalene, Kathy and Terrence

Scenes along Kings Bluff Trail & Pedestal Trail

The Famous Pedestal

Dale building us a fire

Hike leader Group #2

Man, the fire felt good today!

Time for lunch and time to get warm.

Scenes on the way out.

The Arch Rock

....and a little trail maintenance.
Our leaders for today....Danny and Dale