TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving on top of Owens Mountain

You talk about windy today.....wow!!!!

It didn't take us long to get to the
entrance of the Bear Crack

Orvalene entering the Bear Crack

Once you get in you go down!

Michael and Tiffany

It gets a little crowded going down

Next: Tonya and Sisco

A little steep, at least the first part!

Now to explore some of the bluffs

Owens Mt. Bluffs

Hard to see some of the pictographs

Notice: Don't touch nothing!!!

Around and back to the top

Some of the artifacts we found.

Arriving at Ricketts Mt.
We were going to invade some rock climbers.

We would hike around and up
the bluffs before lunch.

Dale in one of the cave openings


This is the grotto we found bear tracks

The Bear Grotto

This is where we go up

Brittany packing her friend away
before the climb

Stan waiting his turn

It was a pretty steep climb to the top

Sisco makes it up .... no sweat!

We decided to rest on the top....

...while Brittany unpacks her friend!

We found a road, so why not take it?

Someone left their hiking stick behind...
Chuck to the rescue.

Up to our lunch spot.

Again, no sweat for Sisco!

It was another story for Pam!

Ah, lunch in the sun!

Some folks know how to "do lunch"!

Some of us on Ricketts Mt.

Down another Bear Crack and over to
Ricketts Knob

Gathering before heading to Ricketts Knob

Passing by a lone cemetery plot

Waiting on the others to get on the trail

Rock Climbers

Heading for the top of the Knob

View to the west

The wind was howling on top...
but it was warm today.

We made a fast exit off the Knob

It was way too much for Dale!

Tiffany got scratched up....!!!

We spotted some "Sponge Bob" Hikers
on our way out!