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OHT MAINTENANCE 6/22/13 (Sections #34 and #38) 
Section #38 Chancel Spur to FR 1209 (Mile 118.4 -122.9)
(Pics by D. Hale and J. Bearden)

Crossing Buck Branch to get to Chancel Spur

We could tell our work was going to be cut out for us!

This was right before John Courtway
discovered "Stinging Nettles"!

Not a good way to start ...but it made
us be more aware of things we might encounter!

Beginning of the OHT for us

Never seen it so grown up...must have been all
the rain lately? And the fact that it was June!

Mile Marker 119

A snail trying to climb this tree

A lot of this type of debris along the trail

Hey, what's the holdup up there?

This was our view out of the woods.
Yeah, sure.....!!!!!
It was a jungle out there!
Mile Marker 120
There was no way we could cut all the grass.
Elizabeth Creek....a little time to refresh and eat!
We didn't take long for lunch....too much to do!

Mile Marker 121

Did I mention it was in the 90's, lots of black flies,
mosquitos, ticks, poison ivy, etc?

....but did we have fun?  You bet!
Us at the Famous Rock

James makes it....

Joe makes it....

and John makes it....

One last creek crossing....

and by 2:30 P.M. we finished!!!!!

Someone had a mosquito net...was that me?

Our final crossing of Buck Branch...

It was good to see our truck....

James was ready to head out.

Arriving back at Chancel Spur parking area. DONE!
This was a nice thing to see.....thank you!

Newton County is getting new road numbers.
911 is coming soon.
Our final stop....and a good one!
We stopped at Who'da Thought It for ice cream
and a tick search....monkeys can do it, so we
thought we could too!!!
Section #34 Haw Creek Campground to Piney Bridge (Mile 104 -105.5) (Pics by D. Boeh)

Where we begin.....

...and close to where we stop.

Arriving at Piney Trailhead

It wouldn't take long to get to work...

Why do people destroy our markers?

...a new one in it's place.

We met these folks on the trail. They were from
Springfield, Missouri and were camping at
Haw Creek Campgrounds.

Still hard at work

We will leave this tree for the chainsaw guys.

Sean from Texas was hiking
the entire OHT this summer. 

After our maintenance we went to visit a historic
cabin located on Piney owned by Bub Pierson.

Someone had thrown rocks into Bub's well...

...so we helped him down into the well to clean it out.

The old fireplace....

The original home was built before the
Civil War and was occupied during the war.
Lots of history in this old homesite.

Inside the old barn

Bub doesn't live here, but he keeps the place
looking nice.

It was a good day.  Got to work a little and
enjoy some Arkansas history.