TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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OHT MAINTENANCE 11/2/13 (SECTIONS #34 & #38) (Pics by D.Hale, D. Boeh, J. Bearden)
Section #38 Chancel Spur to FR 1209 (Mile 118.4-122.9)

Heading down FR 1208

The first to cross Buck Branch

Buck Branch

Crossing Buck Branch......
Terry is standing up in this picture!

Heading to Chancel Spur

The beginning of Chancel Spur

Getting ready to sign in for the day

Someone had a lot of children....the rock
wall goes on forever!

Signing in....

Beginning maintenance

US at Mile 118.4 and the OHT

Which one is Takagnome?

It wasn't far before we ran into this!!!!

We will leave this mess for Chris Adams!

Mile Marker 119

Doing some tread work

Mile Marker 120

Lost in the woods

Once the leaves fall, the trail may be lost too?

Fungi invasion on this log.

Group effort helps!

Yes, we worked!

Elizabeth Creek and guess what?

Workers have to eat !


Bill and Hugh



Takagnome and his lunch

It was time to get back to work

Mile Marker 121

Lots of dogwood trees on the ground...dead!

US at The Famous Rock

I guess we are going to have to cut this tree...
the trail runs between the rock and tree!!!

...and we believe in staying on the trail !

However, Takagnome had no problem
getting through!

One last rest stop

Arriving at FR 1209....

Finished, one more time!

John and Joe decided to hike on up
to Fairview....another 2.1 miles...
straight UP!

Crossing Buck Branch

No water today

Last but not least!

Back at our vehicles.  It was a perfect weather
day to be out ....especially being able to give
back to the OHT.  Well done guys!
  Section #34 (Mile 104-105.5)  

The Haw Creek Gang

Doing trim work

A week eater might have been better?

Dale putting up trail markers

Some big trees down but not across the trail



Mile Marker 105

Three families of mushrooms

Still some nice colors

Some hard workers

Cleaning up trash at the old school house.

A nice fungi

At the old school house at Big Piney Trailhead

Just about every color here



and Haw Creek Falls