TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Well is it going to rain or not?

Setting up camp....

We will have plenty of food....so let's go hike!

Sean won the prize for traveling the furthest....
all the way from Switzerland!

A nice group of 55 hikers

John Bearden suggested we hike the trail
backwards...so backwards we go!

So far no rain!

You got to be kidding?

I hope we don't get lost going backwards.

I think one of these girls has a missing tooth?

Sunset Point

It was beginning to rain a little so we forged on...

Mary Ann lost her grandchildren ....
and was still smiling?

Layla and Pam

Amelia, Rishubh and Kelli and the wonder dog.

Ah, Mary Ann found them.....!

Terrence and Nanette back from
their world travels.

Our "Takagnome" boy

June calling the weather man to try and
get the rain to stop! 

That looks like Bob Northup from the back?
It is Bob.

Vic and Hugh

Glad to see Yuko...she is one busy girl when
it comes to hiking.

Who's behind the camera?

Ah, we did catch Bob sitting!

We made it back and Dale has all the food ready.

They look so good and guess what?

The wonder dog and Rishubh
The last time they hiked with us it rained then too.

Takagnome was not hard to find in this picture....
but he appears in two other pictures also?
You can find him on TAKAGNOME.

Sean got all the good stuff!

Don't know how Amelia can eat
with a missing tooth?

Good to have the Hoffschneider's with us.

Mike is back and living in Conway.
aka "Tikka"

Lynn has had a "rough" summer....glad she was
able to join us today.

The cook's wife....
....and the cook himself!
Thanks Dale and Barbara.

Our youngest hiker.....Maple Hern
and her special guest.

Zachery, Miriam and Joann


Dale and Steve


Time to cleanup...

Sisco and Takagnome

See you on our next hike.