TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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MOCCASIN GAP 1/26/13 (Pictures by B. Hemmer & A. Moore) 

Where we were going today

I guess we will put in our 2-cents worth?

Moccasin Gap Trailhead

Heading out

If you look close....two deer watching!

The tree we used to decorate for Christmas

Either resting or trying to decide which way to go?

Our other photographer.....Angela

Checking out some "whisky still" evidence

Hope these guys don't find any left over liquid!

Once again, we are either resting or trying to
decide which way to go?

Above Stave Mill Falls

There was actually water flowing

US at Stave Mill Falls

We actually had to be careful not to get wet.

Doing the Stave Mill Falls Loop

Our lunch spot up there!

We decided to do a little trash talking!

Pretty nice pavers.....the ATV trails were great.

I understand horses have the right-of-way!

One last climb and we are outa here!