TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Hurricane Creek

After crossing Hurricane Creek we pose.

Some of our vehicles are still on the other side?

Not sure what the purple paint means???

Hope it doesn't have anything to do with this???

We got this far, now which way do we go?

I believe this is the way.

Yes Heidi, that is the way.

It was easy to get lost on the first part, so we
waited on the rest to catch up.

Entering the Hurricane Creek Wilderness

Not sure what they are doing....I hope they
are looking for an extra rain coat?

Heidi got a rain drop in her eye.
But before long, it would be more than a rain drop.

Intersection of the OHT
Why does everyone have raincoats on???

This is where you access the Natural Bridge

This is where we access "getting out of the rain"!

And since we were here and out of the rain....LUNCH!

Thank the Ozarks for shelters!

We were trapped....so we made the best of it.

We got out just long enough to take a
quick picture of the bridge.

We ventured on down to the next shelter.

Chuck knows how to "chill out".

The wetheads!

Our new friend was wondering what all the fuss was about.
Water is a GOOD thing!

Cisco was wondering too.

It was starting to rain even harder now.
We needed these shelters all the way back.

Tonya, Brett and their furry friends.

It was not a pleasant trip out;
unless you were a duck!

Hurricane Creek had risen a bit since we last saw it.

We made it.  Not a dry eye in the house!

Our vehicles still here!

Here come the rest.

I don't know Bill.....why it rained?

I believe Cisco went swimming, I could be wrong?

This is a wet bunch of hikers......did I mention "crazy"?

It is a good thing we were leaving.

We finally caught Dale with his pants down!
  We didn't get to go on top of the Natural Bridge,
nor get to go down to the creek for lunch,
nor find the new waterfalls.
But we did get to get wet!
We'll try to do better next time.