TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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GEE CREEK 11/16/13

We had to explore Haw Creek Falls

Our group for the day

Time to gather up

Not bad hiking on the OHT!

This was our first creek crossing....many, many,
many more to come!

Dave was about to lose his
hiking stick in the rock

We used to sit on this tree...
it was just about gone!


Hiking the OHT

Mile Marker 103


Our first "official" Gee Creek crossing

Takagnome and Brittany



Takagnome taking his turn
on the rock chairs

Julie once again (her tongue was like this
most of the day)


Kathy and Theo


Mile Marker 102
I think we are hiking backwards?

Look what we discovered!

A cave cricket

Everyone wanted to see our discovery

An old homeplace chimney

Tim and Kip

Time for lunch at the old homeplace

A shelter near the old homeplace

Time to do some serious creek crossings

....and hiking down an old road

Everywhere there was a water hole...
there was Julie in the middle of it.

That went for Theo also!!!

Back at the old campsite

This was our eighth time to cross Gee Creek

Kip was a little hesitant to shake
Brittanys hand ......





Yes, more crossings!

Trustin had the right idea about crossing!

We finally make it to Hwy. 123

Heading back to Haw Creek Campground

Even Takagnome liked this part of the trail !

Kathy had the right kind of shoes on today.

Kip was one tired dog!

Theo never stopped one time....
wore us all out!
It was a good day......just a good day, indeed!
This is how you end a good hike!