TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We would be exploring this area today

We got half way to the mountain and had to shuttle

We would leave several cars at this spot

Arriving at the base of the mountain

Now up an old road

Now up an old "rocky mountain"

This was pretty steep!

We make it to the middle point

Some came in from the "girls" side of the mt.

We ventured on up to the summit

This is how Dale spent his 81st birthday

Quite a view indeed!

Heidi looking south towards Hot Springs

So now that we are here...what next?

Chris looking north towards Canada
(I think he saw it!)

Us on top of Forked Mountain

Some crazy ladies

The oldest and youngest and the first to get on top

Our fearless leader????

Once you go up you have to go down

It was harder going down

Lots of loose rocks

Heidi and I took a different route down

We make it back to the parking area....yeah!

We drove over to the other side to explore
some waterfalls and eat lunch.

Our lunch spot on Little Cedar Creek

Some chose to take a little nap

A view of where we came from....on top.

Down a nice road to the falls

Level ground felt pretty good

Forked Mountain Falls

Chris way up there

If you look close and have an imagination
there is a profile of someone!

Lila wanted to dive in....she's done it before!

We would do this several times.

We would do this several times also.

Chris practicing his log walking

This was actually used as a toilet...really.

David taking a little deserved rest.

Our first sighting of Twist Cascade

Too bad there was a big log in the falls

David thinking hard on how to remove the log

Chris and Heidi thought they could ride it down.

Can't be that heavy????

How about if we push on it...bad idea.

We decided to move on and head home.

Our last big climb up.....we hope!

Not sure...this may be the next big fad?

Our last look at Forked Mountain

There was entertainment when we got back...

Lila decided to go rock climbing....

......and Heide decided to find some diamonds!!!!
This is a photo of us taken by Danny Ray Owens from 2.25 miles away. He was at the Forked Mt. Vista on FR 132 (Winona Scenic Drive)
You can see Terry in his red jacket.  Hope no one was picking their nose!
There is a map of our travels on Trails and Waterfalls