TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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BOEN GULF ACCESS 4/13/13 (Pics by B. Hemmer)

Arriving at Boen Gulf Access Trailhead

Our famous log has just about seen it's day!

Heading around and down into Boen Gulf

Some of the rock formations
and walls along the way.

We had to watch our head in a few places.

Wandering 'down" !!!!

I believe Orvalene needs a shorter stick!

Still wandering "down" !!!

We rest from our "wanderings"!

Trustin knows how to rest!

Our fungi is still in the pine tree.

We make it to Magnolia Falls and lunch time!

Magnolia Falls

Magnolia Falls

Rick and Pam

Orvalene and Jamey

You take a picture....I'll take a picture!

View across the valley

A little exploring before we head back out

Now.....back uphill and out!

Another one of many rock walls in the area.