TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our first hike

I can not believe some folks decided to stay home...
how could they pass up weather like this???

Our second hike

Bean was ready to go...

Donna and Jeff must have heard the weather report?

We saran wrap our folks...
and then stick them in the refrigerator...
and sometimes on the trail!

I guess Char thought we were going to take a walk
in the park? No...in the woods.

It did rain a little.....

...but hey, we obviously were prepared?

This is Buckman's Pool....not much swimming room!

The woods were full of spider webs

Sunrise Rock...but no sun!

Ah, the sun looks like it is beginning to show?

We made it down Will Apple's Road

Kat, Liz and Melissa said goodbye...and headed
down the highway. Had other places to go....but
we appreciated them coming for part of our hike.

Now, here we go...for part two!

Char showing us her "rescue chair"!!!

...and her scars from her latest injuries!

Bean got to ride along with Pam ....
Bean has such a "hard" life!

Here come the rest of our folks out of the woods.

We wait for our shuttle to arrive.

I forget to mention our third hike...

We would hike down into the Bear Den...
A nice reward for some nice hikers!

They would not let Bean into the restaurant...
so the waitress fed him outside...but Bean
decided to "sulk" and not eat....too bad.
We had a great day on the mountain.....the sun was
shining before we completed our hike....
had a great lunch with a

great bunch of folks.  We will do this again!