TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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ALUM COVE / GLORY HOLE 2/16/13 (Pics by D. Boeh)

A lot of new folks today....
our regulars didn't like the cold!

Snow and 24° at Alum Cove

This is it? Where is the Natural Bridge?

I know it is somewhere down there!

....and here it is!!!!!

You got to be kidding? That little bridge?

Ah, there it is!

Nice, huh?

Yeah, nice and BIG!

Lila, Michael and  Lisa under the bridge

James peeking through.

JC and Christopher

The Trio

Lila and Femina

Chris in a cave

Where to from here?
 How about The Glory Hole?

Nice sign!

Glory is downhill!

Just above The Glory Hole

The Glory Hole (on top)

The Glory Hole (below)

A good place to eat lunch....in the sun!

Getting out was the "fun" part?

We almost forgot to take a picture of our leader.