TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our parking spot had a Christmas Tree

We got to talk to the man living here....quite a setup!

It was good to have some of the
Arkansas Outdoor Adventures group with us today.

Heading to Rough Hollow

Heidi taking a shortcut!

Ten Tier Waterfall (Dry as a bone!)

We added a little something!

Now back up the creek to more water(less)falls

Heidi checking it out....

....she would have been surprized if something
had been in there!!!!

Arriving at Trigg Falls (Again no water)

Making the best of our photo ops

David Trigg admiring his waterfall!

Looking for "things" in the pool

There was actually a little ice today!

Snack time! (Or maybe this is lunch?)

Lunch in the sun.

We found a waterfall!!!!!

.....and another one!!!!!!

....and another!!!!!

Exploring the Rough Hollow Slots

Brittany checking out the slots

Rough Hollow Falls

Kirk didn't fall....he was enjoying the rest.

A hanging rock!!!

Lots of fossils

We found a plastic bucket with bear teeth marks

We visited waterfalls 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 19