TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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  Not sure what Kaiden is looking for....maybe some sunshine?   
Getting ready for the "fog" hike!  Our count for today: 58  We decided to hike out to Sunrise point.... 

No hang gliding today. Can't imagine why?
Thanks to the Arkansas Hang Gliders for the invite.
Maybe next year?


Steve still hikes with No shoes!

Kaiden found a dry spot!    A nice looking family ....maybe they need to "hitch up"?
  Noah stopping for a transfusion!   
Carol forgot to dry her hair before she came!     
  Hey, turn around here......that's better.   
Tonya and her faithful Border Collie "Sisco"
We had no takers.
  Our Mt. Nebo view for the day!   
A littler softer on the feet!  "B" leading the way....he smells the hotdogs!   
  There were still a few hotdogs when we arrived.....but No sunshine!   
Last week was miserable, so we changed our hike until this Saturday....
Today was real close to being miserable, but we toughed through it.
It really wasn't that bad; lots of new folks and good food.