TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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  37 Takahikers at the Lodge  
Phil Wanzer of Arkansas Master Naturalists Beginning our hike Heading first to the Cedar Falls Overlook
  Looking down at Cedar Falls...plenty of color, just no water!  
  I guess we will skip this area?  
  Heading "down" to Cedar Falls Trail  
  This is actually the Trailhead for Cedar Creek Trail  
Phil, Loretta, Rebecca and Kyla Kaiden and Kathie Celeste and Damien
Approaching Cedar Creek Trail Bridge A few on the bridge.... ...a whole bunch on the bridge!
Sisco taking a swim in Cedar Creek Leaving the bridge ..... .....and under the Leaning Rock
This sign needs a little TLC    
Looking for a pictograph.... .....found it! Using David's teeny weeny flashlight....!!!!
Hey Pam.....sleepy yet?   We found all of these pictographs
  Inside Rock House Cave  
  Getting close to lunch time.....gotto go!  
  Last bridge to cross....  
  Last look at Cedar Falls  
Brenda and Pam Following Jane..... I guess I was getting a little too close?
Table for 30 please....!!! I think we shocked the lady..... .....so we broke up into fours.
Harrison and David were disappointed they did not have
"Volcano Burgers" on the menu!
Hike was good, food was good....it was just all good! ...but now we have to go.