TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Parking along Hwy. 123 Heading down to Cave Creek Bluffs It was 36° when we arrived.

Just a little further and we will be at the bluffs Jeff checking out our "exit" point Group Shot!
  The Long Girls Heidi, John and Chiara
  Heading down the "Bear Crack"  


Spring in the rocks

    "Ancient Shoe Print"

Our very own "Flower Child"

Someone's nice "fireplace".
  Jeff going to rescue Donna....will he make it?  

    Our "Lunch Grotto"

Chiara (Exchange student from Italy)

Heidi (Exchange student from Conway)

  Our second shelter that most missed!  
  Our "Exit" Point  

  The rope came in pretty handy!  


By the time we got out, it was plenty warm to
be so cold.  We didn't get shot, nobody fell off
the bluffs, we didn't lose anybody.....all in all
it was a good day!