TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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BUZZARD'S ROOST 10/20/12 (Pics by Dale Boeh)

Some of us at the Piney Overlook

Final count for today = 32
    Heading down the Buzzard's Roost Trail (old road)
  You didn't have to look far to see the fall colors  

Megan was here to train for her trip to Peru
  First sight of the Arch Rock  
Gerry and Bill on the Arch David, Mary, Megan and Betty  
Now heading down to Buzzard's Roost itself Lunch in the warm sunshine Daphne and Barbara

Betty and David
Celeste and Damien A "stick" with legs!  
Tammie exploring one of the caves
  Our fearless leader......Dale.  

Tammie relized that where we park is her grandparents

old house.  She used to come here when she was little.
Small world huh?
  That means just hikers......no 4-wheelers.