TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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THREE DAYS ON THE AT  9/27-29/12
Our Mission  to hike 35 miles in 3 days.
From Newfound Gap to Big Creek Ranger Station
in the Smokies.
This would all go into one backpack.....a total
of 23 pounds including water.
We had our maps, etc.
Our pick up spot Our Shuttle Vendor Our three packs

We made it to our beginning point on the AT The Three Amigos Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains
We would hike with one foot in Tennessee
and one foot in North Carolina.
  35 Miles on the AT  
Chuck won....he had the heaviest pack....35 pounds.   In places the trail was knee deep from all the use!
  Our lunch spot at Icewater Spring Shelter  
  The Three Amigos on Charlie's Bunion  

  We hope that is Chuck.....!!! Yes, it's Chuck.

Peck's Corner Shelter and our first night.
Our water source
  Our not so private privy at Peck's Corner Shelter  
Our GPS kept us on track
Heading out on day 2 from Peck's for our 12.9 mile
hike to Cosby Knob Shelter

  Lunch at Tri-Corner Shelter  
A lot of the trail was all rock! .....but in some places it was soft for our feet. The views were awesome!
We saw bear scat all along the trail....but saw no bears.   Cosby Knob Shelter for night 2

Our bunks and our supper.

Not bad for the middle of nowhere!
  Our privy, at least this one had a door.  
  We found "peace" on the trail!  


Chestnut Branch Trail is where we leave the AT
It was beginning to rain....    
It was raining .....
    Made it!
Our.... ...first .... ...stop!!!
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3