TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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TWIN FALLS 12/05/09

Twin Falls Bunch

Arriving at Hill Cemetery

Our first waterfall

Looking for a way down to Hamilton Falls

We made it, and there it is

Hamilton Falls (Trees down everywhere)

Now to find a way on down Big Devil's Fork

We would go back and forth

...and rest in between crossings

Ice Falls

...and below

... and crossing behind the falls

...and yet another crossing

....and another

....and resting

Long Devil's Fork Falls

Twin Falls

Big Devil's Fork Falls

It was a very nice day, except for the COLD!

We finally made it

The sun was out

Finding a geocache

...but a nice place to have lunch

...and we did, right Peggy?


Steve and his kitchen setup

Maurice and Max


...and Danny


We stayed for awhile and then it was time to head up and out

....so we crossing the creeks again

...and heading UP!

Did I mention UP?

...and we did this too!


We made it to the top and found the trail again

...and we rested


While Max got tangled up in a tree

In Search of Ed Cooley (Evidence)

You can read about Ed at the following address:



The rescuers did a lot of clearing on the trail ...thanks and thanks for getting         Ed out!

....and  so we made it back to Hill Cemetery

.... and more came out of the woods

This is a very old cemetery

Peggy, Clay and David

Another 1/2 mile up the road to our vehicles

Sure wish someone would fix the road to the cemetery

...but the extra hiking was good.  It was ALL GOOD!