TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Erbie Trailhead

We'll be heading down Cecil Creek Trail

...and cross Cecil Creek several times

Us at the "Great Wall" before we search for the caves

Going down was easy

.... and this was not too bad today!


Ah, we found the first cave

Getting ready to crawl in

.... this cave is well documented

After crawling on our bellies for 30 ft. we can begin to stand up

It was pretty wet today and you could hear the waterfall inside

...another crawl and we will be in the big room

Several large rooms to explore


Several of these .... but they were sleeping ... so be quiet!

There is a big waterfall behind Jimmy, but you can't see it...bigger than Lost Valley



I had to use my substitute camera, so the pics are not very good.


This is that tight squeeze getting in and out

Looking from  the inside out

The TAKAHIK spelunker

Now down and over to Cave No. 2

Did I mention it was 30 degrees?


Walnut Cave entrance



A look at the ceiling


...and this is looking at the floor


What is looks like without any light!

It was extremely warm inside the cave, which was nice on a day like today!

We had to crawl in and out with Dave's rope.


Now it was down and over to Thunder Canyon Falls



This was very slick!



Thunder Canyon Falls


....but we all made it without too many slips


It was a good day. Got to explore two great caves, see Thunder Canyon Falls and enjoy another day at the Buffalo National River.

Now back across Cecil Creek