TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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SAM'S THRONE 5/16/09

Sam's Throne Trailhead

Heading for the Throne


Down below


Some of the ice storm damage

.....but this mighty oak was saved

Sandstone Bluff

Nice rock formations .... everywhere!

....and more bluffs

....and some chicken head bluffs


Dale exploring the entrance to one of the caves

Inside looking out



At the base of Sam's Throne

Escargot.... anyone?

Some brave folks access the top here

Rock between two large oaks

This is the way we go up

....and it is pretty steep!

Our trusty rope helps the climb, not that we need it!

..but hey, why not use it if  you got it?

The rocks and the climb were slick

..but we made it all safe and sound!

...and so it was time for lunch when we got to the Throne...David and Donna







....and some of the scenery....not a bad lunch spot.

Those that chose to climb to the top, plus me.

We noticed the clouds were moving very fast

It was crisp and clear for a little while


...but we were careful getting down

...and then it started to rain, so we moved very fast too!


It is actually harder going down

What do you do when your rope hangs up? .... you pull harder!

It was starting to rain harder, so we hurried

We did manage to pick up some of the trash that some folks had left ... bad, bad!

Ron with more trash

Dave in his green rain gear


Gary in his "pink" rain gear

We stop under a dry bluff

...and noticed someone was watching us from one of the bluffs


...so we got out of there!

We found that slugs come out when it rains

Dale with NO rain gear!

Carol and her yellow rain gear

We went out quicker than we went in, wonder why?

By the time we got to out vehicles, it had just about quit raining....go figure!

But it was good to finally get to hike the Throne.....our last hike.  See  you in October.