TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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In front of Nelms Gallery

Don Nelms himself

Don telling us about some of the photos

From upstairs

Nice butterfly shot

Now ready for our hike

This was a warning to stay on the trail!

....and we did!

Making our way around one of the many trails at Nelms Gallery

Arriving at Red Rock

Spring has finally arrived on top of the mountain.

A nice view from one of the lookouts

Damien doing some explaining?

You could see forever


Another point on  Red Rock

...and another

Now on the tip top in a field

Someone's shoeprint in the cow pie.  Could it be Bob's?

Did I mention it was a very nice day?

One of several spring fed ponds.

Now back at Bill and Gerry's for some food!

...and we were hungry.

Some chose the back deck

....and enjoyed the bright sunshine

Some chose to be inside

...near the food.  Smart!



     I can't begin to tell all of you that jumped in and helped me put together the lunch fixings Saturday morning how much your help was appreciated.  I could NOT have gotten it done without all the wonderful helping hands. My only choice would have been to have stayed home from the Nelms Gallery  trip and met up with you for the Red Rock hike.

     I'm almost afraid to name names for those who brought food for fear I'll leave someone out.  If I do, please forgive me and write it off to exhaustion and a really horrible memory.
     Everyone should give a big hand to Pam West for the delicious gumbo...I am deeply in your debt, Pam....my first born's yours!!  And to Dorothy Northup goes the golden spoon award for the best ever homemade bread and brownies to die for.
     You all are the best guests anyone could ask for.  Thanks for coming.