TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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And getting ready for a little work

Gloria's new look!

I guess we will do King's Bluff first

Loppers and saws used a lot today


Water at King's Bluff Falls

A rail or two missing and a downed pine tree at the falls

I wouldn't lean over too far!

Us at King's Bluff

....and here


We are glad they have railing here


Has Gloria seen herself?

Coyote track


Nice rock formations



One of many pedestals


Taking our chances on the edge



Back to trail maintenance

It takes teamwork

...and a little sawing

This area would slow us down just a bit


Watch out for "sharp" saw blades!


Done with King's Bluff now Pedestal Rocks


The center section of Pedestal Rocks will take a chainsaw

....we will come back with one

...and finish up

Natures birdbath

The "Famous Pedestal"


The "Un-famous Dave"

More conversation

At least this time they are not kissing!

Mr. Ron

How do pine trees grow on solid rock?

More nice rock formations

... and Vic the expert rock formation guy

I believe this is a sign to eat lunch

Nothing like eating on a hard rock


David and his gourmet lunch spread


....but when you are hungry, it doesn't matter

Gary likes to eat standing up ....it is easier than having to get up again

If no one takes your picture ... you take one of yourself





Dale taking a picture of our new friends from Clarksville

...and this is our new friends from Clarksville in a cave

...and this is our old friend Terrence

Three guys! No...two guys and that lady again!


This picture may get Vic in trouble?


We think this is a squirrel skeleton?


We think this is very naughty tree?

We think this lady looks  like the rock in the background? Both have caps on!

Making our way on around the Pedestal Rock Loop

Damage at the Natural Bridge....where's the chainsaw?

Almost done

Someone has disappeared or someone has shed their clothes?

We thought we had lost Lou...but there he is!

Thanks to all who came and helped.  It was a good day, even if it tried to rain on us.