TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Paradise Falls

We begin at the trailhead

...and almost immediately we find the creek

There were waterfalls everywhere

Nice ones


Worth taking pictures of

Baby would be tired before we get out of here

We would be tired before we get out of here


It was like this the whole way! Not very much fun, ask Valli

Just before Paradise

The spillway into Paradise

...and the green pool

Dale was the only one that went below, he almost killed himself!

Paradise Falls

We made it this fall, found Paradise and now for lunch

We needed some refreshments

...and rest!


We all decided we did not want to go back the way we came....so we decided to take a shortcut back!  Bad mistake!

We would end up crawling up hills like this

...and like this

and doing a lot of resting at the top

Carol was beginning to wonder,  what have we done?

...but we continued on, not sure where we were

Tempers begin to flair!

Exhaustion was getting the best of us!

...but we did find a cave on our "shortcut"


This is a "fake" smile on Connie


We call this our tuck and roll technique

We would all practice it

It took some longer then others

See, I told you Baby would get tired!

We finally found an open field and could see the highway in the distance

We knew we were safe now!

We came out one by one!

This man passing by came to our rescue


...and yet another "fake" smile


...and that's how you make a 5 mile hike out of a 2 mile hike!


We ending up way down the highway from our cars

No more "shortcuts"

but I bet we will talk about this hike a long time!