TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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No one was walking "on" water this trip

....and it was a bit cold!

...but we made it across one more time all save and sound.

Ready to do our job


Buck Branch

Heading down Chancel Spur to the OHT

On one checks in anymore?

Us at the OHT Mile 118.4


Someone make a wish!


There was still a lot of tree tops down on the trail from last year

...and several trees uprooted

...but some nice colors in the trees remaining untouched by the ice storm

Already taking a break....this is hard work!

Some things we could just not clear...it will take a chainsaw.


This too would remain for later work

....and this

Crossing the unnamed creek for lunch

Pretty steep incline

Some needed a little help up the slick bank

...some didn't

...some did

The fire felt good .... what fire?

Fueling up with food


We were half done and Gary was weary, but so were the rest of us.


and US

Unnamed creek


Unnamed creek

...and more downed trees

....and more

...and us at the Famous Rock

Chainsaw needed here also

Crossing another creek with some help needed

Dale looking for the trail, need some more trail markers.


Wearing orange helped us keep up with each other and kept us from getting shot!

...and the end of our maintenance


Buck Branch


Now for a 1 1/2 mile walk out

Buck Branch again


Our last crossing

Melodie was the only one who brought water shoes

Bobby didn't even take off his boots

Terrence did


And now time to pack into Gary's truck and go home

....and that's what we did.

So...it was a lot of work, but well worth it!