TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Fifty-four first hike

So around the rim we go

...and down the steps

...and down

...and down

A sign just for us folks

A nice place to rest



...and enjoy the view

Dave sure liked the view!

That's a nice cabin....wonder who owns it?

The lady sitting was trying to enjoy her quiet time! Not today.

Waiting for folks to catch up

...so we visited while we waited

Peggy and Scruffey

...and Bill

...and Lynn and Lou

...and a new bench

So we play catch up again.


It's hard for 54 to stay together!

We are off again

Nice stone bridge

...and us crossing it

A view of ANO from Sunset Point

Heading for Sunset Point


A view of Carol

Chris and Dee

Chris and Dee

Oops! Chris and Dee, it's time to go!

Hallie and Melissa or vice versa


and Carol and Peggy and Pam

Too pretty to leave the Point, but lunch is waiting

So off we go again



We know we are on the right trail

...and now down more stairs

Cave Springs

...and LUNCH! Yea!

What Dale managed to cook for us

So we waited in line

... and finally got to eat.  Boy was it GOOD!

Pumpkin just wanted to sleep

It was a beautiful day

If you weren't there, you missed it.


Had 13 new folks join us today.