TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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MOCCASIN GAP 10/10/09 (Photos by T. Conant)

Moccasin Gap Trailhead

Rebecca's got it made today!

Hannah and Josh

Looks like Spring colors?

We would do this several times today


Another crossing

....and so far, NO accidents!

We have been intruded upon

....and it sure looks like fun!

Bill at the Mill

TAKAHIK at the Mill

Stave Mill Falls

That look could "kill"!  ...and sometimes it does! (Dee and Chris)

Lunch already?

Our new ladies, back again

A nice family outing for a nice family

Vic enjoying the scenery


Trying to figure out where we are

Tiny Fungi

Josh and Hannah

Ah, Josh and Hannah

...and Rebecca trying to get loose!

Chris thinks it's "that a-way", Dale agrees

....and so we make it back.  A fine day, a fine hike.


Don't know how this picture got in here? Who are you?