TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Kyles Landing Trailhead

Beginning our trek up Indian Creek

We will do this several times today

....and walk on narrow ledges

...and cross

...and cross

A few trees were across the "unofficial" trail

Our friend Philip has rejoined us

Camera talk

Bob has found his sitting place

Char holds this tree up for us to cross under....sure!


Pamela has too!


A new waterfall we have never seen before

So where is Bruce?



...and up Indian Creek

Chris found this log a bit slippery

..so he instructs Dana how  "not" to fall off.

Bruce needs no instructions

Nor does Pamela


Our new friends from Jonesboro...Dana and Chris

Rick fishing with his trekking pole?

...and more new friends from Kearney, Missouri ...Rick and Joanie

You either hop over or go under

Not a good picture, but this is Copperhead Falls

David's "neat" lunch


Water coming our of Arkansas Cave (Tunnel Cave)


Nice waterfall before going to the EYE.

...but first lunch

Bill ate beside Arkansas Cave


Some ate below Arkansas Cave


Now for the fun part ....

...climbing up

...with a little help.

All eighteen of us get our turn

We did not want to have to come back this way ... so we would look for another way out of the canyon.  One of our famous "short cuts".  Bad choice!

One last look at Arkansas Cave


That is where we are headed, way up there! WOW!

Ron makes it standing upright.

That is Arkansas Cave way down there!

This is the ledge you have to go around to access  a hole in the bluff to get to The Eye of the Needle.  It is a bit "nervy" to do this.

Waiting their turn to do the ledge.


Gloria makes it

Char hangs on tight and doesn't look down...me neither!

This is the hole that allows you to access through the bluff

This is another hole that gives you a great view of Arkansas Cave

Going through the hole to The Eye

Us below the Eye.  Yea! We made it, now out of here.


Our first sighting of The Eye of the Needle


It was fine once we got to the top

Heading down to the BRT and home.  Next time we will go back the way we came. Forgot to mention it was a perfect day to be out hiking.  The weather was great.

This would be our "shortcut" out, a 700 ft. elevation climb to get to a horse trail on the West side of Indian Creek.