TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Thirty at the trailhead

What a beautiful day

It was hard to stay up, too much to see!

Making our way down was easy

This little fellow had great seat

Mr. Vic

Some nice rock sculptures

Dave fooling around ... what he does best!

The Tipping Rock

There was still some color


Looking off Haley Falls

...and the branch that feeds it

Green and brown

...and red

...and yellow

The leader gets behind ...

Dave enjoying the nice sunshine


Another Carol

Getting closer to the Crag

....and closer

...and closer

...and there it is!

With Jerri on it

Brenda and Dave on the Crag

TAKAHIK on the Crag

A view from the other side

Getting ready for lunch

... and that's what we did

...and got to meet a lot of new folks

I hope Barbara is not wedged in that tree!


...and our new friends from Conway

Dave and a view of the bluffs

Danny on the Crag

Someone is missing?

....and so it was time to head out, and let other folks enjoy the Crag

Someone brought a "bear"

... It was beginning to get a little crowded, so we hurried out


It was a great day to be out hiking....and it was obvious others thought so too!


There were over 100 cars at the parking area (????)  at Hawksbill Crag


on Oct. 24, 2009.  We left at 1:00 P.M. and there were still cars arriving at the Crag. We need a new parking lot.....a BIG one!  As far as you could see in both directions there were cars.  NEED HELP from the Forest Service!