TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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GLORY HOLE 10/31/09

At The Glory Hole Access


This road will be fixed before too long, we hope!

Even the trail is washed out down to the Glory Hole

Not much of a sign, but it gets the job done.

There were waterfalls all the way down

...and some nice ones

...and the Glory Hole itself

Lots of water today

Just above the Glory Hole


Glory Hole from above

....and this is how you get to the "bottom side"

... and the Glory Hole from below

Exploring below

Our new friends from Fayetteville and Texas

Looking for a spot for a snack

Theresa from Morrilton and David from LR

Dee and Jimmy and Chris




and another

Another view


and another

...and they won't say!

The sun felt good today

Not sure what is going on here?



Valli would like to kill us later...on our other hike!


Another waterfall on the new waterfall trail

Time to head out and find another hike somewhere (Paradise Falls)

There were a lot of folks out enjoying the day

Folks had to park way down the road for access