TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Dismal Hollow Trailhead .... what trailhead?

Heading down

....and across

....and under

Our bear was still up the tree

....and Dave was still on a tree

Dave found something

Some of the bluff lines


A hole in a rock up above ... neat!

We continue on

You won't believe what we found

A fishhook ...proves water was way up here on top of the bluffs?

Above Dismal Hollow

Honeybee tree .... invaded by someone?


...and our view from on top


Looking back up Dismal Hollow

...and guess who?


Bill looking at Dismal

...and us

We had made it to the "Bear Crack" so why not lunch!

Maurice and Max


Bill, Theresa and Dave




A great spot for lunch


...and Us on the Crack

Ever been down a Bear Crack?

Pam has!

Way down!

Dale makes it down

Looking out the crack

Chuck in the crack

A pedestal

...and bluffs

...and some of us on a log ....resting!

Maurice and Max

Pam is crying...she doesn't want to leave .... sure!



...more resting

...and  more resting.  One good thing about the ice storm...plenty of places to sit!


Hike leader .... sort of!


We finally made it to the road after our shortcut

Not too sure about our shortcuts

Good to have Chuck back with us ... he works most Saturdays


Yeah, we made it!

This might be our last time to Dismal Hollow until all the downed trees rot, and that may be a loooooooong time.


Max did better than anyone ...of course he's young!