TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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The River was 10" below the Ponca Bridge

This is Steel Creek put in

...and some of the bluffs across the way

....and some of the folks that we would be canoeing with today

It was thumbs up for Ted and Bruce ...right now, anyway!

We took a secret passage into the Buffalo

This would be the calm before the storm

We prepared for what was next

...but found we were not prepared enough

Actually we didn't have to paddle much

The river just took us down stream at a pretty good pace

Bill chose to go down stream sideways!

This would happen all day long

Plus it didn't take long to get our kayaks full of water

...so we had to stop quite often to bale out the water

Why is Ted standing in the river?

Could it be Bruce shoved him overboard?

Gerry goes to his rescue

Gerry and Ted

Gerry and Ted

...and Gerry and Ted

...and Bill


We finally got Ted to the shore.  Bruce was already there, drying out!

These guys had it bad. Their canoe was forced up against this rock.


It took 6 guys, 30 minutes to get the canoe out.

So now we are back on the river

...and just passing Jim's Bluff

...and it was calm again

We could hear the rapids downstream

...and we could see them in the distance

...so we got ready

... but it didn't do any good, the river got us once again

So you just get a lot of folks to help and get back on the river


...and again


Some folks just can't stay upright!

...so you go with the flow, literally!

These are the folks on the river that never turned over

It started to rain a little and now it was time for lunch

So we stop at California Point

... and last but not least, here comes Bill

This is what happens when you don't seal your sandwich

It was cold and damp so we tried to build a fire

It was hard to sit down and enjoy your lunch when you are all wet and cold!

Sitting in a kayak full of water is NO fun.

Since you can't get any wetter, it was time to go again

Good news, Brenda "never" turned over all day

Bruce and Ted heading down the river

... and then there was only Bruce!

Bruce had his rain jacket on, so that helped him keep dry.  Yea sure!

Ah, there's his canoe, but where is Ted?

Bruce had no idea where Ted was or where his canoe was!


There's Ted!  He finally got to ride on a raft.  Rescued again!

So now you know why it is "thumbs down" for Bruce and Ted.

Bill heading for our last rapid

...there's Gerry in her rain gear and only half a paddle, she didn't turn over either.  Yea, for the girls today.

...and finally Kyles Landing, where there are dry clothes and NO water

It didn't take us long to load up

Because we were getting out of there and going to the Ozark Cafe to EAT!


It was a good day on the river, a little to high for us, a little rainy, a little cold, but a lot a memories were made today ....and no one was hurt, except for perhaps our pride!