TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Piney Creek Overlook

Looking down on Piney

Heading down the road to the Roost

It didn't take us long to "string out"


Stacy and Bill

The road needed a little maintenance

...and even the ice storm hit here

Arriving at the Arch

Spring has just about covered it up

Bill and Stacy our new friends

Trying to figure out how to best see the Arch

Doctor Ted

Char, Pam and Frank

...and the "Barefoot Hiker"

Arriving at the Roost

Some of the top rock formations


Barbara downunder

Ron and Stephen in one of the caves

Bill doing some exploring


Entrance to one of the caves

Looking up from below the Roost

Pueblos, maybe?

Lunch on the Roost

Ted, Ron and Bruce

"B" and Stephen

Bob and Barbara


Remember this?

...and this

...and this?  You are "OLD" if you do!